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Blessing Import Export

We are farmers and manufacturer of the very finest coffee in the world. The facility is located in Guatemala Central America.

Our coffee farm, located in Guatemala Central America, is a family owned operated company through generations. The weather is perfect conditions for growing specialty grade coffees. Receiving your specialty Guatemalan coffee directly from the farm ensures that you have the freshest, best tasting coffee, every time. Green mountain ranges; deep valleys and ancient volcanoes into a number of ecological regions divide Guatemala, the land of eternal spring. Each of these differing Microsystems is characterized by its unique altitude, soil type, weather conditions, along with its agricultural traditions perfected the unique flavors, distinct aromas, the full bodied character and fine, crisp acidity which consumers all over the world have come to expect from Guatemalan Coffees. As people mention other coffees to be either the best or the most exceptional, Guatemala is known as the most favored coffee in the entire world. Why? Guatemala offers coffee that is smooth and sweet and often possessing hints of flavors that make the particular beans unique. We are offering 100% Arabic, robust a and SHB with the following characteristic -Antigua Coffee has a full and velvety body, a rich and lively aroma and a fine pronounced acidity -Rainforest Coban is the most distinctively of the regional coffees. It has a good body, distinct and delicate acidity, and a fragrant aroma with a light wine note. - Volcanic San Marcos has a pronounced acidity, good body, and a delicate, slightly flowery aroma. GREEN COFFEE BEANS Generally to be one of the world's great coffees, It has good acidity, medium body and aroma, and a full distinctive mild flavor. Well-balanced coffee. 1- Price $195.00 per bag of 100lbs (45.5kgs) FOB Guatemalan port 2-We ship small and large quantities. However airfreight for 1,000 lbs is higher than ocean freight. 3- Samples are free; the buyer is responsible for shipping cost 4- Delivery terms 1 week upon your purchase order 5- Estimate shipping 2 weeks and up depending your location 6- Capacity per 40” FCL 45,000lbs 7- Seller Port “Quetzal “ Guatemala, Central America 8- Method of payment L/C at sight prior shipment

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Country: Guatemala
City: Honolulu
Address: 96813
Phone: +502 (808) 586-29-34
Fax: +502 (808) 586-29-34
E-mail: blessingfromhawaii@yahoo.com
URL address:
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